Down and Dirty Dogs aims to improve quality of life and adoptability of sheltered and fostered dogs through play, behavioral assistance, and temporary respite outside of the shelter environment. We are an emerging, grassroots organization of volunteers committed to creating a dedicated space and resources for training sheltered and fostered dogs. Training and learning outside of a shelter environment provides dogs with “real-life” skills and behaviors that would increase adoptability and increase the success rate of adoptions.

The volunteers of Down and Dirty Dogs are passionate about improving the emotional well-being of dogs while sheltered. Sheltered dogs may experience fear, frustration, and stress, all of which may make adoption difficult. We are dedicated dog sport enthusiasts who are experienced in positive reinforcement training, enrichment techniques, and dog play. It is well established that the human animal bond has multiple benefits, such as fighting depression, alleviated social isolation and loneliness, and reducing stress. We use these techniques to help sheltered dogs be better companions and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

Meet Amy

Dr. Amy Hawes is a practicing physician with approximately 25 years’ experience in forensic pathology. Amy has extensive experience in team leadership and has managed complex projects and grant-funded opportunities. She is an avid dog sport enthusiast and currently competes in AKC agility with her cattle dog teammates! Her passion is using positive reinforcement training methods to help dogs become well-adjusted, happy companions.

Meet Lee

Lee is a health care compliance professional with a background in starting and maintaining high performing compliance programs in for-profit, non profit and governmental organizational settings. She has a clinical background in physical therapy and is a licensed attorney in the state of Tennessee. Lee has experience advising animal welfare boards on governance issues, compliance with state and federal 501(c)(3) requirements and human resource matters.

Lee shares her mini-farm with two horses, three dogs and nine cats. 

Meet Erin

Erin holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy and has several years experience both in the horse and dog realms. Starting initially in the horse world, specifically in the sports of dressage and three-day eventing, she achieved her A-level status in Pony Club and traveled internationally through this organization. Through her lifelong love for animals and sports she found her way to the sport of dog agility and has been hooked since day one. She loves building a very strong partnership with her dogs and instilling confidence and trust hence allowing them to participate in a multitude of different sports including scent work, water sports, agility, obedience, and canicross. She is excited and honored be able to work with dogs in need in the East Tennessee and surrounding areas to assist with adoptions and getting dogs into their forever homes!

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a licensed and boarded veterinary surgeon who currently is professor at a local college of veterinary medicine teaching the next generation of veterinarians. She is also a graduate of the Chi University’s Veterinary Acupuncture and Canine Rehabilitation programs. She has also fostered many dogs and this experience illustrated the value of providing a stable and enriching environment for them to create a successful transition into their forever families. Rebecca has experience with obedience training with all her dogs passing the Canine Good Citizen test. A strong knowledge with multiple dog sports such as scent training, agility, weight pull, dock diving and rally has been key to developing strong relationships and communication with her crew. Through this group, she is excited to share these skills with not only dogs but other volunteers and handlers. Using basic obedience training, games and exercises, we can relieve stress, build confidence and develop communication foundations to set pets and their families up for success.


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