Down and Dirty Dogs aims to improve quality of life and adoptability of sheltered
and fostered dogs through play, behavioral assistance, and temporary respite outside of the shelter environment.   

OUR Vision

We support local animal shelters in training sheltered dogs giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and have dedicated play time outside of the kennels. Our goal is to increase these dogs' enrichment and emotional well-being. Training and learning outside of a shelter environment provides dogs with “real-life” skills and behaviors that will increase adoptability and the success rate of adoptions.


  • We provide these sheltered dogs with well-deserved time outside of the shelter to play and run around, while receiving proper training from a team of dog-lovers.

  • We support our area shelters to help dogs find forever homes, especially Young Williams.  Most shelters do not have the space or resources to focus on behavior and training, so we help provide the shelters with that resource.

  • We exclusively use positive reinforcement for shaping or changing a dog's behavior. Our core value is canine well-being and safety.

Make a difference

Your donations go towards the resources needed for dogs to acquire training and life skills to help them find forever homes!

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Our favorite way to beat the heat? ☀️ In the water with some of our favorite shelter pups! 🌊🐶 Shoutout again to Ultimutt for letting us swing by and use their space for a little fun in the sun and training!
Your new best friend is waiting for you! 🐶 Adopt and change a life forever. 💙

These adorable pups are available for adoption through ACARF. If you’re interested, email or text/call Katrina at 865-414-2491. 🐶 If you can’t adopt, please share! Let’s find them a home together! 🏡
Hot pavement alert! 🚨 If it’s too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for theirs. 

💙When in doubt, try the 7-second test:
Simply touch the pavement with the back of your hand for a full 7 seconds. If you can’t hold it there for the whole time, then it’s also too hot for your dog’s paws.

Protect your dog’s paws during summer walks! 🐾☀️
📚 Training Lingo: Loose Leash Walking 📚
Loose leash walking is an essential skill that ensures enjoyable walks for both you and your dog. It involves teaching your dog to walk calmly by your side without pulling on the leash. 🐾

How to teach loose leash walking:

💙 Start in a distraction-free environment. 
💙 Reward your dog for walking by your side.
💙 Stop walking when your dog pulls, resume when the leash is loose.
💙 Practice regularly and be patient.

Consistency and positive reinforcement are key! 🌟🐶
So many great reasons! These two sweet puppies are located in Clinton, TN and are ready to find their forever family! 🏡 They are able to be adopted separately or together.

Reach out to ACARF by messaging the ACARF Facebook page, emailing, or texting/calling Katrina at 865-414-2491.

Help us help dogs like Cole and Bennett by supporting our cause! Donate through the link in our bio. 💙


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